The Tempest
Weymouth Drama Club (RSC Open Stages Production)
Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Director: Richard Grafton
Sound Designer: Tim Clare

The full cue sheet and poster design can be downloaded below

Cue Description Source
PRE Pre-Show Music 18 tracks from Putumayo Presents Italian Cafe
Q1 Fade Pre-Show & Announcement
Q1.5 Tempest Preshow Recorded Announcement
Q2 Opening Medley Mix of Carter Burwell – Bella’s Lullaby & Senser – Age Of Panic
Q3 Fade Opening
Q4 Cut to end of Age of Panic Cut to end of Senser – Age Of Panic
Q4.1 Fade Up during end Age of Panic
Q4.3 Reprise Bella’s Lullaby Carter Burwell – Bella’s Lullaby
Q5 Fade Out Music
Q6 End Sc2 Entry of Lords Zero 7 – Simple Things
Q7 Fade Out
Q8 Chimes Long Fatboy Slim – The Weekend Starts Here
Q9 Fade Out Chimes Long
Q10 End Sc3 Caliban & Drunken Ladies Enter Jason Mraz – Tonight, Not Again
Q11 Fade Out Music
Q12 Thunder Crash Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
Q13 Interval Music 9 tracks
Q13.5 Lower for Interval
Q14 Fade Out Interval Music
Q14.5 Bird Song Intro Florence + The Machine – Bird Song Intro
Q15 Fade Out Bird Song Intro
Q16 End Sc5 Girls & Caliban Pi**ed Now Peter Garbriel – The Man Who Loved The Earth/The Hand That Sold Shadows
Q17 Fade Out
Q15 End Sc6 Lords Encounter Prosperos Magic Idina Menzel – Straw Into Gold
Q16 Fade Out
Q17 Solemn & Strange Music Underscore Zero 7 – Give It Away
Q17.1 Lower Level
Q18 Aerial Enters in a Rage – Crash Metallica – Sad But True
Q19 Crash Reprise Metallica – Sad But True
Q20 End Sc7 Prospero & Ariel Sort Out Pi**ed Girls Zero 7 – Polaris
Q21 Fade Out
Q22 Underscore Prospero Speech Escala – Requiem For A Tower
Q24 End Sc9 Finale Escala feat. Slash – Kashmir
Q25 Raise Level
Q26 Lower Level
Q27 Fade Out

The full sound design cue sheet can be downloaded here.

Poster Designed by: Tim Clare & Gina Huntley

The Tempest

Full PDF copy can be downloaded here.

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